The Black, Feminist Magic of "Living Single"
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Running for five seasons from 1993 to 1998, Living Single is one of the most celebrated sitcoms in African-American TV history, ranking among the top five in African-American ratings throughout its run. Featuring the adventures of six young Black professionals (two men, four women--but especially the women!) and their lives together in two units of a Brooklyn brownstone, Living Single heralded a flurry of sitcoms centering young, free, and single roommates figuring out life and love in the big city. 20 years after the series finale, Living Single's cast and creator reflect on the show's run... and there may be a revival in the works!
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I decided to post this FPP after I discovered that the entire show's run, at long last, is available for streaming online (Hulu)... and was surprised to find no one had ever done an FPP about the MOST CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED SITCOM OF THE NINETIES!

Naturally, I've set this up in FanFare too.
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I loved that show.
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Before a revival, maybe they could at least have it available on dvd/streaming? Only the first season exsists on dvd - other than reruns, there is no other way to watch it.
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The OP says it's on Hulu at the top of this thread. I will have to watch it after I finish re-watching the first few seasons of ER.
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You know, I haven't watched this since it aired originally. I think I know what I'll be bingeing this week, but with a new POV.
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Possibly also of interest:
Erika Alexander: On the Legend of Maxine Shaw, Living Single, and Her Buffy Spinoff Comic

Holy crap! That Mad Men script was done by Erika freakin' Alexander?! I remember that shit! It was awesome! I didn't realize that was her!
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