T’Challa: Too much math, Shuri. Just show me the damn players.
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I'm much more interested in the Wakanda curling team, to be honest.
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I'm much more interested in the Wakanda curling team, to be honest.

Carrying their own stones like Paul Gross's character in Men With Brooms for... reasons
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T’Challa: Who is this player with the Golden Panther on his chest?

Shuri: This is P.K. Subban. He is one of the top players in the league and easily the best player on the team.

T’Challa: Yes, I can see that. There’s no way he can possibly be available to us. He must play for his home country in some leadership capacity?

Shuri: Unfortunately, no. There is some vicious rumor going around that he is incapable playing a defensive game, and that he is selfish and cannot help a team win.

T’Challa: Is it any of it true?

Shuri: Absolutely not. By most advanced metrics, he is the one of the best players on the defensive side of the ice. In his first year with his new team, they almost won the Stanley Cup. There seems to be something more insidious going on...

I wouldn't have thought anything could get me to stop cheering for Montreal, but the flagrant, self-destructive racism against Subban did.
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Quebecois being racist?! /s
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Gosh, I'm not an expert on PK Subban, but he just seems so awesome to me. Dude can play -- I'm not up on all the advanced statistics, but according to Hockey Reference, the 7 guys with the most similar careers through 8 seasons include one active player and six hall of famers (closest match: Chris Chelios). He gave enough money - $10M - to the Children's hospital in Montreal they named the atrium after him. When he was traded to Nashville, one of the first things he did was show up in a country bar singing Johnny Cash. Hell, he can even do a good Don Cherry impression.

I do want to post a link to the picture (the first one in particular) of the Nigerian Women's bobsleigh team, which is just an awesome picture.
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Badass photo! This one is also great.
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The Nigerian women's bobsleigh team picture is the best picture to come out of the Olympics this year. I'm sure those women have superpowers from looking at the picture alone.
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I wouldn't have thought anything could get me to stop cheering for Montreal

That and the management's interminable descent into the language politics of Quebec killed it for me. At least I still got the Jets to root for, I just wish they'd change the logo.
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This is probably my favorite Subban goal of all time. He was so much fun to watch in this series. Even though they lost the game he literally jumped up and down as he was demanding the puck and delivered.
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Outside the team (what the heck is going on inside is hard to figure out) there were some who didn't like Subban riskier approach to some plays, but the guy was *hugely* popular, my friends kids were crying when he got traded. Plz don't call us racist because our GM is an idiot and traded the most popular/skilled/exciting player the franchise had in the last 25 years. Which actually might be the cause of the trade, his brand was getting more popular than the team's brand.
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