America’s last audience of loyal, committed TV watchers: Latinos
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Why Latino Viewers Are Important for Networks Latino viewers are an increasingly important demographic for all networks. The Nielsen Company found that Hispanics in the US have over $1 trillion in purchasing power and represent more than half of US population growth between 2000-2010. Bi-lingual homes where both Spanish and English are spoken currently watch about 50% Spanish-language television, while English-dominant Hispanic households watch a mere 3% of Spanish-language TV.


New Study Challenges Nielsen Ratings Of Latino Television Viewing

Networks revamp content in Hispanic ratings war

Largest Hispanic TV markets in the United States in the 2017/18 TV season, by number of TV households

The Hispanic Market Is Poised for Innovation in 2018

With the rise of Asian immigration, decline in Hispanic immigration, and rise of U.S. Hispanic births and interracial marriages, the demographic landscape we find ourselves in is much different than when our industry started. Yet the tools that made us good Hispanic marketers are easily applicable to this new cross-cultural landscape.
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I know every thread isn't about politics, but God damn do I hope that latinos remember all the people and companies that made common cause with the nativist fuckwits currently running rampant on the Right, and vote aggressively with their ballots, feet, and pocketbooks.
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I guess I found this really interesting because television executives are more than happy to recognize and respond to our changing national demographics regardless of ideology, in much the same way that insurers will pay for medical treatments based on their empirical effectiveness, regardless of whether or not it is an "alternative" treatment.

Jane the Virgin has been taking over my mental space, and I was just thinking about how interesting it was that a bilingual Telenovela has done so explosively well and what that means.
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Coincidentally, Latinos are also one of the most reliable purchasers of print media.
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