“ground zero for modern slavery” in the United States
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“The program brings workers, growers, and buyers together to ensure that farmworkers won’t be exploited. Buyers agree to only purchase tomatoes from growers within the program, who are held accountable by independent audits and a worker-driven complaint system. The program is also notable for being designed and enforced by the very workers it is meant to protect.” Florida Farmworkers Push for Fairness in the Fields (inequality.org)
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This sounds like it's not just a good idea, but unusually well targeted and implemented. Neat!

As a consumer, I can't remember the last time I saw a tomato that wasn't from either Mexico or California. . . but, getting Taco Bell on board makes my purchases utterly trivial.
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Back in 2006 there was an effort to get the big fast food companies to pay a penny per pound extra for tomatoes that was supposed to go straight to the workers. Burger King and Wendy's were holdouts and ultimately derailed it.

Hopefully we can get a better result this time.
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