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Join Chris Funk of the Decemberists as he tours the country with us looking for the newest sounds of American music. • Keeping Hawaii’s Slack Key Guitar Music Alive • Portland’s Godfather of Soul • A Rock Star’s Unlikely Renaissance • The Lost Art of Playing Glass • A Master of Forgotten Music • Enchanting the Internet With Funk and a Fiddle
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Worth the visit for the slack key alone. Back to see the rest now. Thanks!
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I used to work with a guy who had built himself a glass armonica, out of estate sale glassware and PVC pipe and a frame. The whole thing fit in a road case, and he was getting gigs around town. Despite the fact that leaded glass is not really a thing anymore, he said that he had someone come up to him after almost every show and seriously ask, you know this thing is killing you, don't you?
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Slack key is pretty sweet. Here's some from Ledward Kaapana.
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George Winston, one of the leading proponents of New Age music of the 1980s-2000s, (he calls it "folk piano") was strongly influenced by slack key and has published many albums by slack key musicians. His webpage is a good introduction.
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Great find.

I was really liking Gaelynn Lea's take on "Red Haired Boy" at 3:28 in the Funk Plus One video, so I went looking for more of her stuff. Here's another version of it on her her Youtube channel, and here's a seriously cool version of "Swallowtail Jig."

Thank you for posting this - I'm glad I found her music!
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Also, today was not the day I was expecting to learn interesting things about Kip Winger, but here we are.
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interesting things about Kip Winger

That's funny, I was telling someone about that the other day (the connection being, I was telling them about going to see The Dixie Dregs reunion tour; the drummer played in Winger)
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Jerron Paxton looks like he's having more fun than humanly possible. This is good.

The glass one is neat, but it did spend a bit too much time on the 'armonica while all the interesting noises came from the Cristal Baschet. If you can track down early recordings from Lasry-Baschet you're rewarded with a mix of delicate classical and folk pieces mixed with experimental high weirdness, including some faintly creepy sounds that may just be familiar to folks who suffered through UK schools television.
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