A 2017 game journal
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Janine Hawkins' 2017 game journal. Hawkins is a freelance games writer (Waypoint, Polygon, others). She just released a pay-what-you-want PDF copy of her games of 2017 journal: "In a nutshell, any game I put significant time into (or that made a strong impression on me) qualified. From tiny aesthetic projects to huge AAA releases, I drew and wrote pages about the games I played both for work and for fun. And by the end of the year, I had 58 entries to show for it."
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This is lovely. It's nice to see games inspire something analog and tactile. I think there's something to the idea of taking the time on something that's a slow creation in terms of letting your thoughts develop.
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Very pretty. I'd love to see her Dragon Age one.
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Janine Hawkins is also a regular on seasons three and on of the podcast Friends At The Table, where she first plays a nervous mapmaker/thief and later a warrior priestess with centuries of counseling experience. The standard mode of interactions in tabletop RPGs is turn-based combat until one group or the other is totally dead, and Janine Hawkins plays a character who solves almost every single problem with emotional labor and complex truces.
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