Sundog champion
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I may have missed it, but seems to need to go to his instagram to get the captions with the pictures (his site wasn't showing any captions, nor did the other links)
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Yep, looks like there are no captions on his site. Thanks!
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Hoth, right?
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Those are really interesting, especially this field of rippled ice. The website for the camp he stayed at has some more information about the location, apparently it gets up to 21°C in those tents.
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We can house up to 70 guests in our dual occupancy Clam Tents. These double-walled sleeping tents are designed to withstand Antarctic conditions with a high-tech nylon covering and durable aluminum frame that opens up like a clam shell. They are also incredibly comfortable to live in with large doors and a tall interior that allows you to stand upright and move around easily (16 ft x 8 ft or 5 m x 2.4 m). Tents are naturally heated by the 24-hour sunlight up to 60°-70°F (15°-21°C) but also have a wooden floor underneath to provide insulation from the snow and solid footing. Each guest is provided with a cot, mattress, pillow, linens, towels, and wash basin.

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