Return of the Astro-Goth
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Meet Yugen Blakrok, The South African Rapper Featured on the “Black Panther” Soundtrack. Listen to her album "Return of the Astro Goth" here, and follow her on soundcloud here
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Awesome! Thanks for posting this, I'm excited to hear more of her stuff. Opps is such a great track, and her verse is next level.
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Dark moody hip-hop with some cosmic bizness thrown in? Yes, please.
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This album is fucking good as hell.
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She slays it! It's awesome that she's coming up in the game and isn't selling out to booze companies or resorting to skin baring techniques a la Cardi or Iggy. No shade to either of those rappers, I just dig the lack of booty sometimes.
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Thanks so much for sharing this! I am loving it.

Bummer she doesn't have more out there -- Discogs only lists this album and a promo digital single (on Soundcloud). Definitely stoked she's getting attention, and I look forward to her upcoming work.

Also, super stoked to be able to browse like-minded South African hip-hop from the Iapetus Records label on Bandcamp.
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Thank you for this post! Can you add a blackpanther tag?
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Yeah, this comment in the article surprised me: "In South Africa, almost every mainstream rapper has an endorsement deal with an alcohol brand." Is that specific to South Africa, or are other artists likewise funded similarly, and I just haven't noticed? Or at least I haven't been able to differentiate name dropping some brand of gin vs. an actual financial support from a liquor marketer.
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Hells yes
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love it
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Ohh, this is terrific, thanks for making the FPP.
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She's so great! I stumbled across her a couple of years ago thanks to this askme I made, where I ended up clicking through a lot of soundcloud and bandcamp links, and there she was.
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