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If you've been keeping up with Polygon videos, you may have noticed Brian David Gilbert's appearance in a multitude of new series such as Week in Revue and Gill and Gilbert. BDG has a knack for melding music and comedy, and has created many skits on his Youtube channel (previously).

In addition to his own videos, Brian produces many musical projects with his sister Laura Kathryn Gilbert and instrumentalist Jonah Scott. These include:

Dances Moving: A series that expresses the struggles and joys of young adulthood through the medium of instructional dance videos

Stranger Sings and The Croon: Full-length musical comedy backing tracks for Stranger Things and The Crown

Let's Make a Music: a podcast where BDG, Laura, and Jonah take Twitter song title suggestions and turn them, alchemy-like, into delightful music

Look Up: a new EP by Scott and Gilbert, aka The Altogether.
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Gill and Gilbert playlist, and Week in Revue playlist. There's also Filmbreakers (playlist), in which Brian and Simone play with a VR app that makes short movies using a stock set of models and environments.

I've got mixed feelings about Brian's videos for Polygon. They tend to willfully cling to schtick and campiness -- even Gill and Gilbert, which is a Let's Play series, inserts interludes of short sketches, and the comedy of "sure it's lame now, but you'll be laughing before I'm done doing it again 20 times over" doesn't often work. But Brian is charming, and the videos *own* their schtick, going all-out on being half-assed, and the pointed message is that Brian and his colleagues don't need to indulge in cool machismo to have fun with and around video games. This seems increasingly to be Polygon's mission as a gaming news and information site -- games are entertainment, not a way of life -- which seems to be a thing of increasing importance in a fan culture that continues to be willing to harm real-live people that threaten to impinge on their male dominance power fantasies.
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And if you're not following Polygon's videos, FIX THAT.

(Simone's are the best, though.)
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Simone is one hundred percent the best. Brian has been quickly growing on me, although I can't abide the musical ones for reasons that are not his fault. Gill and Gilbert is wonderful, though.
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Yeah, I love Polygon stuff and BDG seems super charming. Even though it’s obviosuly not the intent, a lot of it has a “hey get a load of this awkward white guy doing rap” vibe which I can’t stand. Still, the lore behind the week in review videos (Scrundler!) is amazing.
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Polygon does a lot of really great game-adjacent comedy. I was introduced to their Youtube channel by Simone de Rochefort's SEO Play series, which I can't recommend highly enough. (After SEO Play pulled me in and I was checking out their other stuff, I had a weird experience watching my first episode of Monster Factory: "Wait, is that the guy from Sawbones?!")
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