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Twitter user @ThaumPenguin has assembled a thread of remarkable Tumblr posts. For example: Brerd; Flower power; Be the one you needed. (ThreadReader version for the Twitter-averse; h/t Phire)
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Metafilter: ...there's no protocol for monkeys
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Let me warn you because no one warned me: "Be the one you needed" causes instant crying! Caution!
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I just want to say that--having heard about a Gay Ken doll--I bought Magic Earring Ken as a gift for a gay friend of mine, in a (I now see as ill-informed) attempt to show my support.

That said: he LOVES that thing and displays it with pride, even now--twenty-six years later.
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If Mattel had any brains at all, they’d bring that doll back for another run.
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My brain can’t parse 49. What the hell is going on there?
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Oh she’s standing sideways wow that was weird
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We need to get mashing pigeons together so they FUCK FUCK FUCK into the 2020 Olympics.
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I'm not really complaining about anybody but myself here: I don't know what I expected, getting like halfway down and being like "but I've seen all these before", when I'm on Tumblr every day.

Tumblr, where you thought you were going to have a semi-serious fandom blog, and now your dashboard is just covered with various amusing randomness and political rage.
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I've been enjoying the crouton-petting Roomba stories on tumblr lately. I tag them #why you dead ricky and they make me deeply happy. I love humans when we're not being dicks.
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Twitter self-link: I have an ongoing "favorite favorite tumblr posts threads thread" that collects a bunch of these. (General content disclaimer that you will almost certainly come across something NSFW in there.)
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The Roman dog tag made my day.
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20: obviously that's what happens when you go to cat-holic school.
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61. Yes! We call it "embarrassment squick" in our family, and I have it, and have given it to both of our sons.
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whoa wait hold on teen gang i just had an idea

what if we curated tumblr posts... ... on tumblr
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Someone at work said something about statistical outliers, and I mentioned Spiders Georg, and from the blank expression I received in return I gathered that S.G. may still be a mostly tumblr reference, alas.
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68. please enjoy this 4-page comic book story about donald duck dealing with depression it is really amazing

[ entire comic edited into one tall image, word balloons are vast voids into which tiny words are typed in Arial; they dissolve into a mass of grey that hovers tantalizingly right on the edge of legibility after twitter or tumblr scales it to a maximum height ]

God it's like the modern equivalent of fortieth-generation faxes of clandestine office humor.
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Is there a secret version of Twitter where massive fifteen-screen-high-by-five-pixels-wide images are somehow readable?
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This is the best kind of internet because it's well-curated hilarity, but also the worst kind of internet because it's just screenshots of other people's creative stuff without linking back or giving credit.
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I'm on tumblr still but all the people I'm subbed to have stopped posting I neglected to get new ones. I would looooove to get some suggestions on who to follow for stuff like this. And maybe a method to find them.
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Twitter is telling me, sorry, I'm rate limited when I try to load the Brerd thing. I don't even use the stupid thing so I'm not sure how I'm rate limited but I'm commenting here just out of curiosity cuz I bet one of y'all knows what's up.
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glonous keming, when I get that message I hard-reload the page (F5 does not work) and it usually loads fine.

I don't know if it's an actual thing that works or if it's just an internet placebo, but try it.
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When I was in grad school, shortly after coming out I used a picture of earring magic Ken on my security pass.
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