8k 360° Aurora
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A 1:10 timelapse of the Aurora Borealis over Fairbanks, AK by photographer William Briscoe (Facebook page), filmed as a 360°, 8k timelapse. Oh, plus a lunar eclipse.

via Digital Photography Review. If you don't have a VR display, you can click and drag to pan around the video as it plays.
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Aurora Borealis? In this part of Alaska? At this rate of speed? In this style of panorama? Localized entirely within the confines of this post?
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May I see it?
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::::    :::  ::::::::  
:+:+:   :+: :+:    :+: 
:+:+:+  +:+ +:+    +:+ 
+#+ +:+ +#+ +#+    +:+ 
+#+  +#+#+# +#+    +#+ 
#+#   #+#+# #+#    #+# 
###    ####  ######## 
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I call BS on the eclipse. The aurora happens between the moon and the viewer, so the moon could not have been a dark spot obscuring the aurora. The lights would have illuminated that area too.

Nevertheless, very pretty and a nice video.
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The photographer says it's a composite, since it's not possible to get the exposure right for both the moon and the aurora in the same shot.
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I am also skeptical of this; I am an extremely strong and stoic man; nothing real can cause emotions in me; yet when I watched this I felt some kind of stirring deep within my soul; nothing real can cause this, least of all things that remind me of the simultaneously timeless and ephemeral nature of our common lived experiences, nothing; this video must be the work of some deceptive fabulist.
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