How many more must die for this war to end?
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Marielle Franco was a queer black human rights activist from Maré favela and a groundbreaking politician — she received more than 46.00 votes, the fifth-most, to become a councilwoman in Rio de Janeiro, the only black female representative and one of seven women on the 51-seat council. Last Wednesday night, after leaving an event called “Young Black Women Who Are Changing Power Structures” she and her driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes were shot and killed.

Her murder sparkled protests from tens of thousands across more than 20 cities.

The assassination happened one month after president Michel Temer decision of putting the military in charge of public security in the state — a first since the end of the military dictatorship. Franco heavily criticized the intervention, which is unlikely to improve the situation. Among others profiting from the country’s chaotic situation is extreme right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro who is rising in popularity.

More on Marielle Franco:

The Assassination of Human Rights Activist Marielle Franco Was a Huge Loss for Brazil — and the World

Marielle Franco: Why my friend was a repository of hope and a voice for Brazil's voiceless, before her devastating assassination

Say Her Name: Marielle Franco, a Brazilian Politician Who Fought for Women and the Poor, Was Killed. Her Death Sparked Protests Across Brazil

Here’s her profile from 2016.

Marielle Franco is survived by her partner Mônica Benício, and her daughter, Luyara Santos.
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Marielle Franco was a councilor from the Partido Socialismo e Liberdade (PSOL), and a number of accounts want to drop the fact that she was a socialist activist. I feel it's important not to let that disappear from view.
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Such a loss.
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Obrigado. Thank you for posting this. I was at Alerj on Thursday night, it was the least I could do.
The pain of the people was very evident. (FB link). Marielle was a remarkable woman and an inspiration to thousands of young black women from impoverished backgrounds. Brazil ranks 154 out of 190 for women in parliamentary positions. I have young friends closely involved with PSOL and yesterday they helped decorate the roadside where Mariele and Anderson her diver were executed.
The right wing is already trying to despoil her memory with a Rio judge now being sued for slander
(Portuguese). The fact that this none so clean figure of Justice is pictured sitting in a private plane is telling.
Jair Bolsonario's son deleted his tweet of semi condolence.
The assassination is believed to have been carried out by a milicia. The ammunition used was from a batch destined for training and stolen from the Correios and rounds from the same batch were used in the largest massacre by Military Police in Osasco, Sao Paulo where 17 people were slaughtered.
It should also be noted that over 20 leftist leaders throughout the country have been assassinated in the last 2 years. I have a list if anyone is interested.
I am glad that this has drawn such notice throughout the world. Marielle's tragic death must not be in vain and hopefully the momentum from this sickening event will come to some good with urgently needed reforms in the paramilitary Police force which is heavily intertwined with the militias as well as shining more light on the neglected communities which house more than 20% of Rio de Janeiro's population. Like America, in Brazil it is a social crime to be poor and black.
* Marielle Presente *

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The sleeping or not so sleeping masses are moving.
Portela Samba School, one of Rio's most traditional and most popular, has just made an official announcement that from now on, all events and actions by the Departamento Cultural do GRES Portela are acts of resistance, cultural and political.
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I read news today that the bullets were from stock purchased by the police.
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Others will continue her struggle, but fuck. Just fuck.
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She perseveres.
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My heart hurts.
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I wrote a piece about Marielle's LGBTQ activism in particular and one thing I found looking through her social media that a lot of other reports missed was just how funny she was. So many smiles, lots of jokes, hell she even made herself a meme. She was such a fun-loving, full of life person. Her loss is our loss.
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Not only Marielle Franco: Ten activists assassinated in five months.
The reverberations round the world continue with a joint letter published both in Globo and the Guardian signed by Prominent activists, film-makers and writers demanding an independent investigation into the killing of the campaigner and her driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes.
Marielle Franco’s Murder Reveals The Real Brazil.
When you criticize the police, the punishment by military police is death.
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Black Bodies Are Still the Target #MarielleLegacy .This article is part of a series by authors from Rio’s favelas reflecting on City Councilor Marielle Franco’s legacy, to ensure her voice is multiplied and to advance the causes she championed.
It is now three weeks since Marielle was assassinated, and the authorities are no closer to finding those responsible.
The Intercept Brazil has just published an extensive article about the power of the Milicias (Portuguese original ) and google translated article. This is something that the local media has carefully ignored.
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Silencing the Favelas: How the Brazilian Media Covered the Death of Marielle Franco.
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Marielle Franco's fiancee on life a month after Rio councillor's murder.
I knew this [city] government wouldn’t end well but I never imagined it would end so badly,” said Marcelo Freixo, a crusading MP from the leftist Socialism and Liberty party who was Franco’s political mentor and friend.
The government is coming to an end with the former governor under arrest; the former president of the legislative assembly under arrest; the other president of the legislative assembly under arrest; the leader of the government under arrest; and the current governor waiting to be arrested. This is a very serious metastasis and has a real impact in people’s lives. There is no government.
Tomorrow there are dawn virgils all over the city and in the evening a commemerative walk with drums and music from Lapa to Estacio where she and her driver Anderson were assassinated.
Marielle Franco, a month later: many unknowns, much indignation and no culprit.
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Daybreak for Marielle (FB with sound)
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