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After 3 years out of the public eye, Dixie Chicks released their seventh album in 2006, Taking The Long Way. It was quite a statement after what they'd been through during and after their 2003 European tour. It won numerous awards, including Grammys and a Juno for International Album Of The Year. CD tracklist: The Long Way Around, Easy Silence, Not Ready To Make Nice [video, Ed. Note: OMG THIS VIDEO], Everybody Knows, Bitter End, Lullaby, Lubbock Or Leave It, Silent House, Favorite Year, Voice Inside My Head, I Like It, Baby Hold On, So Hard, I Hope
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Not Ready To Make Nice is pretty kickass.
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Everyone on my Christmas list received that album that year. I still love it.
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...and they never released anything ever again. They’ve been touring on those songs for the last decade.
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The documentary Shut Up and Sing, made while they were recording this (incredible) album, is a truly heartwarming look into the band, their close families, their camaraderie, and musical commitment. I’ve watched it at least three times and get weepy each time. The scenes with Rick Rubin are illuminating.

Also seconding Not Ready to Make Nice.
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To be fair, I think they've only played maybe a double handful of shows in the US since then. They've toured Europe a couple of times and Canada pretty extensively. They did open for The Eagles for their 2010 tour, and then their own headlining tour in 2016. Not much really in-between.

Basically, "The Incident" ruined the band's career. Truly sad.

I'd welcome a new DC album. I'm not sure one is at all forthcoming.
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Dixie Chicks to Perform at Austin City Limits Charity Gala in April

"The performance at the sixth annual Mack, Jack & McConaughey Gala is the trio's only show lined up for 2018 so far."
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Seconding pretty much everything asavage and hippybear said above, though I would add that the members have had somewhat active careers outside of the Chicks.

When my wife and I met, she was a country fan, and I was, well, not. The DCs were one of the bands that was able to satisfy both of our tastes, and we listened to a lot of their music, and Taking The Long Way is still one of my favorite albums. The way they were treated by the country music establishment was one of the things that caused Mrs. jferg to basically stop listening to country music. (That, and the fact that it was invaded with jingoistic songs about getting naked with red solo cups.)
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Silent House off this album makes me sob every time I just hear the opening bars. I had just come from visiting my grandma - stolen by Alzheimer’s so only the body and a frightened bird soul remained - when I first heard it.

Really good album, still on my phone. They stand with Lyle Lovett as the only country-ish music I have ever liked.
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Agreed that Shut Up and Sing is a really good documentary. The scene where (I think) Martie is in labor and Emily is there and Natalie shows up and starts handing out gossip magazines because it's going to be boring for a while is one of those moments of female friendship that is difficult to put words to.

This is a great album, and I'm sorry it's effectively their last. I think they had every opportunity to pivot to pop and didn't pursue it with any real aggression, but not because of any artistic purity but mostly because of the trauma.
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Silent House was cowritten with Neil Finn. While he's performed it as part of Crowded House, my favourite version is whenever he performs it live.
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As a native southerner and cradle progressive who spent everyday of my childhood surrounded by kid embodiments of right wing Christian talking points, I identify so strongly with the Dixie Chicks, especially this album. I never fit in. I never did things the way people thought I should. And I definitely took the long way round. An awful lot of folks from my childhood (still) despise me, some of them even more now than when I was just that annoying kid who kept speaking out against the first Persian Gulf War.

I love the video for Not Ready to Make Nice. Every single time, the eyebrow raise on "I kinda like it" makes me giggle. And I love the moment at the end when all three of them are holding hands.
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I prefer to think that any drop from the public eye is of their own volition... I cannot imagine anyone thinking a Chicks resurgence would be a bad thing. I think the public would absolutely embrace them, now more than ever.

So maybe they are just happy living life as it is, and don't want to jump back into the machine that burned them so badly? I did read that late last year, lead singer Natalie Maines and husband (actor Adrian Pasdar) divorced after 17 year of marriage. Undoubtedly that took its toll. But I am ready and waiting with all possible anticipation if and when they ever choose to return, in whatever format.
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Martie and I play the same model of E. F. Elliott electric mandolin, both bought direct from Ed in 1999 or maybe a skosh earlier. Ed has told me both instruments were from his initial set of five or so. Martin hasn't updated Ed's page at lately - Ed is building mandos again, currently working on some Bigsby repros.
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Thanks for reminding me how great that album is. Not Ready to Make Nice still gives me chills, and I'm gonna settle in and watch Shut Up and Sing now (apparently rentable on Prime or Vudu, if anyone else is interested).
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After the 2016 election I drove the hour home from work blasting Not Ready to Make Nice in my car and scream-singing along with tears streaming down my face. Listening to the song still makes me cry.

That raw righteous fury of realizing you don't want to go back to blissful ignorance hiding in the way things used to be, because the way things used to be was already FUCKED UP and broken, so FUCK THAT. "I know you said 'Can't you just get over it?' / It turned my whole world around and I kinda like it"
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