'Our moms weren't happy'
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I kinda don’t want to get any explanation as to the thought process. I ought to hate everything about the turn down video but I’ve always fucking looooved it!!
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Somehow I’ve lived under a rock and not seen the video for “Turn Down For What” until now, but I have to agree with Lil Jon that it, indeed, “is my shit”.

Also, Daniels has done some really great videos, including this one for Battles (and GARY F’N NUMAN!) which includes the most horrifying thing to happen on an escalator since Trump announced his candidacy for President.
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I've always compared the scene when the drugs kick in in Lucy to Turn Down For What. Only lacking the self-awareness, because, by all deities, it manages to be the most incredibly dumb shit on the entire universe, and also the most amazing (Lucy, on the other hand, is just dumb and terrible). I remember doing stuff on the computer with the arts channel on the background, and suddenly, this dude power-humps a hole on the floor and that's just the start.

It's probably my favourite videoclip of the past 10 years or so, since Franz Ferdinand's This Fffire and Take me Out.
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I'm not sure there's anything ish about a dude destroying an entire apartment building with his dick.
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I'm not sure there's anything ish about a dude destroying an entire apartment building with his dick.

Depends what you do for a job.
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As a building inspector, this is actually quite relevant to my work.
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Stud finder?
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That was fun!
For those interested in further adventures in self-aware silly dancing executive produced by The Daniels:

Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone (probably NSFW)
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I can't believe I hadn't seen that video before now. Thank you, that was hilariously enjoyable!
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My life is so much better now that I've realized the hijab-wearing Iranian hacker from Mr. Robot ("Trenton") is also the woman from the "Turn Down For What" video.
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Boundless joy for all of humanity.
Turn Down for What is a blessing to us all.
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I'd seen the "Turn Down For What" video before (and recently just recommended it to a co-worker who mentioned they like videos with crazy dancing), but that interview added another level of enjoyment to it for me. Daniel Kwan embracing his Asian heritage through starring in this video is really sweet and unexpected, and the broom boner and bra-puppet details are delightfully rag-tag for a video that is so utterly nasty (I say that as a term of endearment).

I'm making croissants this afternoon and the dough has to rest between turns. Between Anatomy of a Music Video and more stuff by Daniels, I think I've got my wait time covered.
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The thing I really love about the Turn Down for What video is it recognizes, and celebrates, that sexuality is for all of us.

My favorite dancing experiences are wedding dances and clubs that have wildly diverse clientele. I want to see young and old, rich and poor, all races, sexual orientations, all sizes and shapes, and everyone going absolutely bananas. Those are the very best nights. This video really captures that.
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I love this video with all my heart and I'm so glad to hear the story of its creation. Thank you for sharing this.
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This is the next great action-horror movie franchise, right here.

Asian man becomes patient zero for a virulently contagious STD that gives uncontrollable super funk powers to everyone near it, crossing all social, ethnic and economic boundaries. Get this shit greenlit today.
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The song, it does nothing for me.

The video? Made of 100% awesomium!
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What the fuck did I just watch? That was... That was a video, right there. Also, the practical effect for the mom's breasts was great.
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I often wish I could time travel to bring current day cultural artifacts back in time to inspire and delight. Imagine landing at Valley Forge to see Washington's men cold, discouraged, and weary. You project this masterpiece over the camp yelling THIS IS THE AMERICA FOR WHICH WE FIGHT!!! This video is worth that.
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This is great.
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The weirdest takeaway I got from the interview was that in some ways, the song lets down the concept of the video because while the events of the video point to things amping up and getting crazier, the song actually blows its load (pun fully intended) right at the beginning and kind of coasts to a conclusion. That ten-minute directors' cut of Turn Down For What where the dad humps a raw chicken and it explodes into fried chicken can't happen unless the song's entire progression changes.

DJ Snake, Lil' Jon, I implore you. Right this wrong. HUMP RAW CHICKEN INTO FRIED CHICKEN.
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Things to love in this video:
  • cop’s face melting
  • teapot dance
  • gun-cock sound when Sunita Mani bumps her hips
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"doo doo dumb guy" must be from the Bay Area
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