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I love that they can see a lunar lander still there.
Still looking for the golf balls, though.
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It's like IMAX, but at home.
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I love this! I didn't know about the isolated boulder perched on the central peak of Tycho; that's poetic and amazing. How long might it be before a human being could reach that boulder and take samples? Since the 60s, we've had the technology to go to the moon and walk or drive around, but an EVA suit is surely too bulky to climb a mountain before you'd run out of oxygen, and the summit looks too uneven to land anything. Even a Curiosity-style rover would have difficulty getting up to the peak.

The best solution I (neither a scientist nor, god help us, an engineer) can think of would be to build some kind of "spring-heeled Jack" device into your EVA suit, and ascend the mountain in a series of mechanically assisted jumps. Which would be fun, but risky: you'd need a way to land safely, and a way to steer while aloft, and a fallback of some kind in case your spring-loaded leaping device got clogged with lunar dust.

I would like to see further lunar exploration in my lifetime; I dearly want to know more about what's up there.
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It's inexcusable that we haven't had drones do surface level high resolution imaging of the entirety of that rock so we can roam around in VR moon buggies.
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How much do I love the nod to 2001's TMA-1 ("its origin and purpose still a total mystery") in the narrator's description of the hundred-meter boulder lying atop Tycho crater?
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I'll take a stab at answering that: "quite a bit"?
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How long might it be before a human being could reach that boulder and take samples?

It should actually be easier to reach the top of that boulder than almost any other point within Tycho, because it's so much closer to us.
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