Thicc boi
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maybe this meme will die overnight and we can get back to tweeting about our chickens and crop rotations "Welcome all other museum social media accounts, welcome to our #masterclass on using a thicc boi to change your public image in a freak event which will be difficult to replicate but let's try anyway and oversaturate the meme market and make the public despair of us" The Museum of English Rural Life finds Twitter fame in the form of very round sheep.
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In the future, we’ll all have 1500 retweets.
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Very fun!
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I have passed on this story to our media and marketing person but we're woefully understocked with chubby farm animals. We'll have to make it big some other way.
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I wish to hear more about crop rotation in England, yes.

Crop rotation in the 14th century was considerably more widespread after....John.
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This is a goshdarn Joy.
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A tweet of mine got added to a Moment a couple of weeks ago and has, at the moment... about 200 retweets and 2400 likes. The notifications and replies and follows were bonkers. I can't imagine what it is like to get 18K retweets.

Also I had been idly wondering where the "absolute unit" meme came from, so it was fun to learn about that as well.
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This is shear madness! Flock ewe, MERL! Quit ramming these round sheep down our gullets!
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one thing i did not anticipate about the future is how we'd all communicate with each other in memes.
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one thing i did not anticipate about the future is how we'd all communicate with each other in memes.

Shaka, when the boi was T H I C C
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Dear Museum of English Rural Life:

I just got through explaining to my parents about KFC following the herbs and spices. And now this?
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Of course the MERL was rapidly embraced by knitter twitter, but being a group of folk rather better acquainted with the fluffiness of sheep than the average, the discussion on the More Sheep Content tweet speedily descended to an amazed discussion of testicle size:
"I mean, just look at the size of those scrotums! how do they even walk?"
"Proudly, hon. Proudly."
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This makes me happy. The stuff about the Farmer and Stockbreeder journal is good. And the Grade Up to Elite Cow board game - see description at Board Game Geek.

Also, I have been to this museum and enjoyed it.

"Everyone retweeting our unit is going to have an absolute meltdown when they go into the countryside and realise there’s an entire countryside full of sheep".
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Here's a unit that's just ass-tronomical!
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Some museums have the best twitter accounts. I am especially fond of the Glass Jar Of Moles
@GlassJarOfMoles account from the UCL's Grant Museum.
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The Royal Armoury here in Sweden had legend status on social media, unfortunately it’s all in Swedish. But Livrustkammaren if you’re up on your Duolingo.
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American Mammoth Jackstock is going to be my sock puppet name.
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dammit, if i didn't have to go to leave work to go to dinner right now i'd comb through the LoC's Farm Security Administration photos for some thicc bois
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The Medium article by the staff member who runs the museum's Twitter is interesting and has links to some more of his work at the Bodleian.
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