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I like the spouty ones.

Young ms. flabdablet and I have made similar things in our backyard above-ground round swimming pool.
posted by flabdablet at 8:39 AM on April 12, 2018

The Spiral LIGO one intrigues me the most. Water just isn't supposed to move like that. Some of the standing wave ones look super weird, too.

I kind of want to try swimming in the middle of the big single spike wave and see how far it throws me into the air.

But based on my experience surfing and getting caught between and incoming wave and and outrushing shorebreak and rip tide waves, what's probably going to happen is I'd get wave-slapped in the face and head equally on all sides like the worlds worst bellyflop.

And then I might actually get tossed in the air for a real bellyflop, which is a thing that's happened when I've been clapped between two waves and had them explode under/on me like that and form a ribbon-shaped spike. I've been tossed a good 10 feet in the air from the energy of waves colliding at the right point like that.
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