We have a pip!
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The hatching of a red-tailed hawk in a nest in the Presidio was caught on camera. You can watch the livestream here.
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"What species is this?"

"Uh... Buteo jamaicensis."

"You bred raptors?"
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This is great. This week in the parking lot at work I've noticed two crows building a nest high up in a pine tree. I love spring.
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Aw, they're having lunch right now. Fluffy little faces!!!!
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It's out! You can watch it fluffing up in the sun while its sibling has lunch right now.
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Thank you!
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There is a red tailed hawk nest on a cell tower behind the Value Tree on Henderson near Rainier. I was walking on the path that runs from the side of the Safeway on Rainier to Henderson and, when passing by, I heard what sounded a begging baby bird on a megaphone. I didn't have my glasses on but when I looked up, you couldn't miss the nest. It was four feet in diameter, made of broken branches.

And then, one of the parents took off -- glorious. Their wings are so wide.
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One of the universities here has its own set of peregrine falcons who regularly nest on campus, and one of the departments built a nesting box for them. They just laid eggs! You can check out the live feed here.
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Flagged as a self-link!
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The PG&E building in downtown SF has a falcon nest, and a falconcam. Currently, there are three chicks, little fuzzy white things with a few grey feathers.
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Mazel tov on the new addition to your family! ;-)
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Some may have noticed that the adult has a band on its leg, and I just found out that this bird was banded in 2007 by the GGRO - it was a juvenile then, so she is 11 years old!
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