Prints of the 1911 Chinese Revolution
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These are beautiful and fascinating.
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If anyone else's Chinese history is rusty:
The Revolution of 1911, was a revolution that overthrew China's last imperial dynasty (the Qing dynasty) and established the Republic of China (ROC)...
The revolution ended with the abdication of the six-year-old Last Emperor, Puyi, on 12 February 1912, that marked the end of 2,000 years of imperial rule and the beginning of China's early republican era (1912–16)...
The brief civil war that ensued was ended through a political compromise between Yuan Shikai, the late Qing military strongman, and Sun Yat-sen, the leader of the Tongmenghui (United League). After the Qing court transferred power to the newly founded republic, a provisional coalition government was created along with the National Assembly. ...
On 29 December 1911, Sun Yat-sen was elected as the first provisional president...
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Wow, check out the details on this map of Wuhan. Great stuff, thanks for the post!
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There's a novel, a wonderful novel, that covers Chinese history from about 1900 to 1938, which includes this revolution. Moment in Peking by Lin Yutang. I read it many years ago and was enthralled.
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My favorite: A humorous map of the world
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