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Dogowls are the cutest and the Sharktopotamus is the most fearsome, and in between are many other magical hybrids. (h/t madamjujujive NO WAIT THE PUGILLA IS THE CUTEST)
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Welp, those are going to star in my nightmares.
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Dogowls are only cute until they start turning their heads backwards. *shudder*

However, the Pugorilla is the worst, and damn proud of it.
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Oh! Some friends and I made a puzzle about this sort of thing for the Burning Man Puzzle Hunt a couple years ago. But it was all cartoony because IDK that seemed to make more sense. As a result I'm a little disappointed that (spoiler) [rot13]guvf thl'f cbegznagrnh anzrf nera'g jbeqf.[/rot13]

(Ours was three pages and a bit: 1, 2, 3, Guide sheet)
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Metafilter seems 1-2 weeks behind me at this point. My son had an image of... something on his iPad and this led me to some of the above and this. THIS was discovered just now as I fished the link for it (har).
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This is a much different Monster Manual than I remember.
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I like all of these. Especially elephanduck and manatelephant. But also pugbird!
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Sharktopotamus isn't scary! She's part basking shark, and those are mellow plankton eaters.
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'Pengwhale' (although I prefer 'Orcaguin') is nightmarishly delightful, or delightfully nightmarish. One of those.
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She's part basking shark, and those are mellow plankton eaters.

But she’s also part hippopotamus, and those are vicious murder machines.
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“Owlynx” is how I've always thought of cats. Now I want to see a Lynxowl.
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These are amazing, but I still love meowls the most. Go ahead, do an image search for meowls.
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