La Piscine: Wow! First of all, do not kiss my ass. You big perv'!
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La Piscine or the Swimming Lesson.

from Paroles du chat, who troll, in the fishing sense, the Pets & Animals section of YouTube and write hilarious scripts and then act them out.

Who brought you Dansons La Capuchine which I swear to God I saw here but have yet to find the post.

Upon review, Previously and Previously

Over 1 million -- ka-ching!!! -- subscribers and deservedly so. I love love love these guys.
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I mean, really, we glorify kinkshaming among the animal kingdom?
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If someone had told me when I joined MeFi that my 10,000th favorite would go to a video of a swimming raccoon scolding his dog friend in French, I would have said "Eh, sounds about right."
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+1 for deft inclusion of a classic joke at the end!
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Tres bien!
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I needed this. Yay!
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Ahhhh, that Dansons la Capucine video has long been one of my very favorites.

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