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Drunk Education, previously Drunk TED Talks presents a lecture by MeFi's own John Leavitt: The Only Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism [via mefi projects]
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that was delightful
posted by supermedusa at 3:43 PM on April 20


I would also accept "the only ethical food waste under capitalism" as a valid answer
posted by ragtag at 4:41 PM on April 20

really though tuberculosis is the only ethical form of consumption under capitalism
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Doh my delight was for mr leavitt,s video, not the main link..
posted by supermedusa at 5:45 PM on April 20

Sometimes the main link is at the end.
posted by Artw at 5:46 PM on April 20

One thing that helped convince me where to go to college was running across this piece of graffiti in one of the bathrooms:

"Eat the rich. The poor are tough and stringy."

I will admit this is the remarks of a connoisseur, not an ethicist, I do think it is a valid point. These days, I'd say that the poor are not tough and stringy, but given the phenomena of biomagnification and what is in the food that the poor get, you're better off eating the rich.
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My favorite bit:

"Blood pudding.... He started it."

Magnificent timing.
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I spy a Janice Poon drawing!
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Apparently they have to rebrand Drunk TED talks after a cease and desist. I'd suggest Trunk Ded Talks. or perhaps IntebriaTed Talks.
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Mad props for the use of ribbon diagrams. A+++, would structural biology again.
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And now I know what a whelk sounds like!
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no no, eating ass is the only ethical consumption under capitalism
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> clavicle:
"no no, eating ass is the only ethical consumption under capitalism"

Not really, as it requires two people, and that hints of possible incorporation, and all that can entail. (Unless I am COMPLETELY out of date with medical science).
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