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I found [suddenly departed] Avicii's debut album True [this is the link that shows singers and musicians and such] delightfully revelatory and I don't think his influence worldwide on EDM can be overstated. His willingness to find the intersection between X and Y has fed dance music since 2013, and will long into the future. [Ed. Note: Plus, it's one hell of a fucking affirming group of songs, and there's nothing wrong with having someone sing to you about how the world can be right when all this bullshit is going on. Give it a listen through, and it's okay to discard it after that.] Side A: Wake Me Up [video], You Make Me [video], Hey Brother [video], Addicted To You [video], Dear Boy

Side B: Liar Liar [what you want lyric videos for every song?], Shame On Me, Lay Me Down, Hope There's Someone, Heart Upon My Sleeve
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damn, I'm not even a big edm guy and I really liked his stuff. (although admittedly I preferred Aloe Blacc on his own.
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Was so sad to hear he had passed, and shocked. The world is getting shortchanged on his music. My condolences to his family and friends.
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Avicii allowed me to discover a whole new genre of music. He was an amazing, hard working artist. My thoughts are with his friends and family right now.
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Very sad loss to the worldwide music community. You would think someone would be watching out.
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Only recently discovered. So sad.
Another favorite (and sadly relevant), The Nights
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Great post, hippybear. Thank you!
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Lots of dead 20-something musicians in the past half-century. Many of those deaths: needless.

"Look at what they make you give."

Whenever will we seriously reflect on this loss, its cost to them, and what we as 'the audience' can do about it? Cuz we all gotta share in this outcome.

What a freaking shame.
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