The harp of Cronus
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Play Saturn's Rings Like a Harp

In the featured sonification, increasing brighter regions of Saturn's central B-ring play as increasingly higher pitched notes. With a computer browser, click anywhere on the image to begin, and pluck consecutive strings by sliding the spacecraft icon's magnetometer boom across the strings.
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This is lovely.
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Regarding Cronus
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Actually, I wish we could rename Saturn. He is far too bloody a god to be the appellation of the most beautiful of planets. Since Juno is already taken, I would prefer Cybele or Magna Mater.
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I would love to hear 4 people playing this in ensemble.
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I have a touchscreen on my chromebook allowing for arpeggios, grace notes and rhythmic tappings. No chords though. Minor sounds very much like a koto...
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This is great.

Sonification: Matt Russo (SYSTEM Sounds)

We saw (and heard) his planetarium show Our Musical Universe a while back.

Here's the post I made about it (includes more about the Saturn sounds).
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Oh, man, I did not search thoroughly enough or I would have made that a previously. My apologies.
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Oh, no worries! His stuff is really interesting, just wanted to share it. Protip: if people are in and around Toronto, check out the public astronomy and astrophysics events held by the Dunlap Institute at U of T.

Looks like there's a showing of Our Musical Universe coming up in May, and it's only 10 bucks to see it.
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