Printing without the press.
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I used to watch Norm Abram build stuff to relax, calm down etc. Now I have these great videos to do the same!

Very cool vids, thanks!
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(The printmaker in the first video is David Bull, AKA MeFi's own Woodblock100.)
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Nice post! That was a pretty pleasant chill bit of art-making for my morning. And, yeah, always rad to see woodblock100 pop up.
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The woodcut link goes to the previous linocut video. Maybe add it here in the comments?
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Oops! Apologies. Woodcut.
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I took a ukiyo-e printing class in college with a well-known Japanese printmaker 50 years ago and it was an extraordinary experience. Wish I remembered more about how to do it, though I recognize some of the techniques and tools. Great videos.
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Wood engraving, though it's usually printed with a press.
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1000 Years of Karakami Art (50 min) - karakami is woodblock printing on washi paper, mostly for wallpaper
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That transfer stuff brings me back. (It works better with acetone or a ChartPak blender marker).

In art school I went down this rabbit hole of printing out tiled images on a color laser jet printer, slathering them with clear acrylic medium, and the gluing them to paper or canvas. After the acrylic dried I would painstakingly scrub all of the paper off the back, leaving the toner embedded in clear, glossy plastic. It was slow and terribly inefficient, but still kind of magical to have the image re-emerge.
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