Politeness makes one appear outwardly as they should be within
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i wanna get WASTED
  • W ake up early
  • A nticipate a productive day
  • S tay hydrated
  • T ake a multivitamin
  • E xercise
  • D on't stay up too late
Respectful Memes is the #1 Source of Memes to show your Grandma!
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Rick-rolled only a few memes in. Cleverly, though.
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Don't teach Grampa how to suck eggs, kids.
posted by y2karl at 8:12 AM on May 1, 2018

i really unironically love the wholesome memes tumblr because it is the perfect balance of ridiculous and positive.
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T ake a multivitamin

I thought we were all in agreeance that multivitamin's are a con.
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The Eye of Answers one is wise indeed.
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Snagged 'Dr Steve Tanaka' on the free dog names list. Cheers!
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Followed! Thanks for this! For some reason, this kind of "aggressively positive" humour and meme re-writing works for me.
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This makes my life better and it makes it extra better because I like to read this kind of stuff as sincere and charming.
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Say the opposite of these words: Always Coming From Take Me Down

"Sometimes Leaving To Put Everyone Up" ... hm, yes, very profound that one.
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Remember when meme happens.
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Wholesome Memes on twitter as well. Not sure its the same people as the tumblr but whatever, it's all reposts anyway.
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Oh, man, I needed this and I didn't even know it.
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I still take vitamins, and if/when I don't take them I get to feeling poorly. I might swap to every other day, though, or break them in half and take 1/2 a day
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the wholesome memes and the yayfrens bot are like little presents to myself on my twitter timeline.
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(I also remind myself to get up and walk around or drink some water/eat lunch via slack)
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Ugh I'll never understand Twitter's bizarre decision to crop the hell out of every inline photo they display. It's such a pain to read Twitter streams with a lot of pictures because you have to click on every single entry to view them.
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Also https://www.reddit.com/r/wholesomememes/ is legit. Add that to your subscribed subreddits for a boost every now and again.
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I think I am going to be wholesome acrostic-WASTED and classically-wasted all in one day today. They're not mutually exclusive!

I appreciate the amount of Kermit in these memes!
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