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AMA is a short film featuring amazing underwater choreography, starring Julie Gautier. The title references Japanese shell divers. Via Colossal
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Wow. I was all set to be ambivalent but those last shots were powerful. There's something about that final image -- where the silvery bubble of air she's expelled, almost violently, has already fractured and disintegrated and is crossing the boundary between worlds in a glimmering plume, but the dancer herself has ceased her upward motion and simply hangs there, suspended, a few feet below the threshold ... . Gave me the shivers.

I loved the similar work Gautier and her husband did on the Runnin' video by Naughty Boy (ft beyonce, for those so inclined) -- it's mentioned in the Colossal article but I'll link it here since I found it so luminous and enjoyable.
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Yeah, the impressive final image had me wondering Bill Viola hadn't yet explored the medium/location...
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Thanks--much appreciated as a piece of art, an inspiration and a reinforcement of my love of swimming.
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