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Dogs in wheelchairs:

   Dogs on the beach
   Dogs playing fetch

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One of my favorite recent follows on Instagram is Super Scooty, who is quite possibly the happiest dog I have ever seen. I think it's her ears that emphasize her expressions.
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We had a wheelchair-using dog at my last job. She had a penchant for deciding she wasn't interested, wriggling out and abandoning it random places around the office. More than once was there a message on Slack saying "I have the dog, but has anyone seen her wheelchair?" (or vice versa).
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For those of you who (like me) are still on Facebook, follow Eddie's Wheels for Pets for regular doses of wheeliedogs.
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I had a dachshund in a wheelchair for three years. Every person we passed wanted to meet him, which was complicated by the fact that my other dachshund was a mean motherfucker. He definitely saw his brother as bait on wheels -- reeling in lots of succulent ankles. I eventually learned to walk them separately.

My dog started walking again, three years after his spinal surgery & rehab, once we moved (temporarily) from Seattle to Los Angeles. He had originally come from Louisiana and he never acclimated to the rainy climate. I think he was unwilling to put forth the effort to walk if it meant more time out in the grey drizzle. A few months in the sunshine and he was doing this drunken-sailor stagger.

Fast forward a few years and both of my sweet pups had passed away. I was finally starting to think I might be ready to get another one when my mom called me up, adamant that she had found my next pair of dogs and I had to go get them right now, right now, rightnowrightnow. They needed me, she said. I was so good with special needs dogs and these dogs were just waiting for me. I better call them up immediately.

So I pull up this link she gives me and I find Honey and Badger: two dogs without a front leg between 'em. I mean, I wanted them, don't get me wrong. Two dogs, four legs? That sounds like my kind of situation.

But I was living in a city without my own yard and those dogs were going to need lots and lots of grass. Actually, Valhalla Rescue decided to just keep them and let them live out their lives where they are so happy. They look like a great organization if anyone is looking for a rescue dog in Washington.

So yes, I am a sucker for this post. It made my night.
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I'm no engineer, but now I feel like I need to work on a front wheelchair for dogs, so frustrating to watch.
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Dogs are amazingly adaptable. I still have fond memories of the Jack Russell terrier who used to live across the road from us when I was a kid. He'd lost a hind leg in a car accident when he was still quite young, but he still raised the remaining leg to pee.
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Omg, Loki!
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Omg all of them!

And once the crows or dolphins or cockroaches, or whoever it is who will be next, takes over the smoking wreckage of the world, perhaps they will find some evidence of this and think that we were not completely awful after all.
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From workerant's link, here's Cantu the Pittie (YouTube, not FB).
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