Doreen Simmons, British-born sumo wrestling commentator, dies at 85
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Ms Simmons began her tenure as the English-language commentator on NHK in 1992. She also got her first tattoo at age 71. She led an incredible life.
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Thanks for this. There was a touching (but very brief) tribute to her on the NHK World preview show for the May basho, and this obituary fills it out nicely.
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As a person making my life overseas this woman's achievements inspire me so much. Making your home wherever you are requires real and constant attention and care and I'm doing my best; her story shows me that it can, with time, actually happen.

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I credit everything I know about sumo to this woman. Many fond moments in my little rural home in Japan eating mochi or Osembei and cheering for Asashoryu to an illuminating British commentary. #natsukashii

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Oh, I didn't know she passed away. I always enjoyed her commentary whenever I had a chance to watch sumo. Like having sumo explained to me by a very kind, caring, slightly eccentric British aunt.
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She shares my father's birthday and I was hurriedly counting the years between her year of birth in the 30s and his in the 30s.
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Holy shit I just realized upon reading her (super interesting) obituary that I met this woman and chatted with her briefly in an Irish pub in Ueno randomly a few years back. She was holding a drum, and I guess playing intermittently with the band. I remember her being pretty friendly and easygoing, with a bright smile.

RIP Ms. Simmons! Thanks for a nice memory.
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