Not a sequel to Ocean's Eleven
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Ocean's Monopoly: How Nations Use Science to Conquer the Sea—“A look into the complex world of ocean bed ownership and how nations are vying for their own piece of the puzzle.” A 48m documentary in English from Al Jazeera and Werwiewas Media Productions. posted by XMLicious (5 comments total) 7 users marked this as a favorite
An interesting thing it mentions is that Japan is building up a coral atoll, Okinotorishima, to preserve (or extend?) its maritime boundary, reminiscent of China's activities in the South China Sea. (and China objects to Japan's modification of Okinotorishima, of course)
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Also, Nature just did a good overview of the environmental issues in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction.
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Kind of related.... Bloomberg had a good article last month about how property owners are blocking others from fishing over their property that was submerged due to rising sea levels. Some of the owners are still paying taxes on their underwater real estate.
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That's a remarkable parallel to peasants being arrested for hunting in the lord's forest.
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Thank you for sharing this! Always interesting to see how science is used, when convenient, for political arguments, and abandoned when it's not convenient. Also nice to see a somewhat scrappy documentary on a big but somewhat neglected idea...
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