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If you had to pick a band to do justice to the concept of "video game championship theme song" you could do a lot worse than Imagine Dragons. They aren't one of my faves, but I could imagine any of their songs being used for such a purpose. I do have a soft spot for the one that uses a sharp intake of breath as a dramatic rest.
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Imagine Dragons did a whole live set at the LoL Season 4 world championship. Riot's done a big music number at Worlds for a few years now, here's a list from 2014-2017.
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The song is pretty good, but the video is just making me think about how silly people look when they're playing video games and how completely unlike the actual badass characters they are.

Also nothing but dudes, whining and getting angry when they lose. Good job, animator.
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Nothing but skinny dudes, looking about twelve . . . Song is nice, though.
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It's funny that it's so surprising that the video for a big tournament actually mythologizes the players instead of scenes and characters from inside the game.
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Unfortunately, it's nothing but dudes because (for a variety of reasons) there has never been a team with a female player to make it to finals. And the our most popular female player has gone through hell and back.

I still love how Riot brings both heart and real production values to the esports scene. I'll probably have more coherent thoughts to add when I'm not at work.
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