The Singing Unicorn
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King of Mask Singer (미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕) is a South Korean singing competition tv show that began in 2015. Contestants are given elaborate masks (made by designer Hwang Jae-geun) to wear that conceal their identities and personal aspects, like their ages, which could lead to prejudiced voting. Last night, a special guest dressed in a sparkly unicorn mask and matching cape sang "Tomorrow" from Annie.

Additional subtitles from the performance can be seen in this video.

The singer's identity revealed.
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posted by zarq at 12:58 PM on May 14

OK that was pretty awesome.
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Thank you for today's dose of happyweird.
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That was fun. The singer has a very distinctive way of chewing their words, don't they?
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I wouldn't have bet on that.
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Considering his current promotional blitz, I wouldn't have bet against him showing up anywhere. Although Rudy Giuliani was an equal possibility.
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Entirely in character.
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I recognized the singer immediately from the voice. Yeah, it was an unlikely place for them, but they like to surprise, so it still seemed reasonable.

Very fun video(s), though.
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Korea loves Deadpool for some reason (we all know why, Deadpool is funny and relatable).

When the first movie came out the bboy crew K-Tigers did this promo for it.
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I wonder if he met up with Hyuna while he's in South Korea. Yeah his wife would get mad but they could expand on the Ryan Reynolds hugging a photo of Hyuna hugging Deadpool.
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My word. I have been entirely resistant to Deadpool and Mr Reynold's legitimately amusing and unexpected antics. I rise and applaud.
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I saw some kids discussing this on the Twitters earlier and have lost since the link, but they were all asking each other where that song was from and oh! it's from this 2014 movie called Annie, here are three covers of it, oh, but this version is way better than any of those i love it and

It was a weird version of culture shock for me.
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Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

(But no thanks to YouTube who ruined the reveal with the first suggested video.)
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> DirtyOldTown:
"I recognized the singer immediately from the voice. Yeah, it was an unlikely place for them, but they like to surprise, so it still seemed reasonable.

Very fun video(s), though."

Nailed it too. It would be so much harder if I wasn't a huge fan. A big enough one I would prolly have his manbabies if he said please and bought me a cup of coffee afterwards.
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And Reynolds' media blitz has made it to Stephen Colbert's show... with celebrity dissing, a couple Trump jokes that Colbert probably wouldn't use otherwise, and a SHOCKING ENDING.
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“'Deadpool 2' Marketing Team Wants Him to Be the Star of Every Movie (Seriously),” Brendan Menapace, Promo Marketing, 16 May 2018
Using Deadpool's personality as an attention hog and master of sarcasm, the film franchise's marketing team created a genius promotional scheme by working Deadpool into the cover art of other movies for sale at retailers like Walmart. Have you ever wanted a copy of "Office Space" or "My Cousin Vinny" with Deadpool on it? Now is your chance.
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