"it is about vengeance of biblical proportions"
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Lingua Ignota, named after the mystical language of Hildegard of Bingen, is a musical project of interdisciplinary artist Kristin Hayter. In it she channels her traumatic experiences into industrial dirges inspired by liturgical chants. "Part of the reason I use tropes of extreme music is because that was my abuser's world, that was his music."

Her MFA thesis at Brown University, titled BURN EVERYTHING TRUST NO ONE KILL YOURSELF, is a 10 000 pages document roughly equivalent to her body weight at the time and is "composed exclusively of appropriated material: lyrics, message board posts, and liner notes from subgenres of extreme music that mythologize misogyny."
She's one of the many guests on the latest album of apocalyptical noise outfit The Body, where she shows her impressive vocal range on Nothing Stirs.
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One of my favorite new artists of 2017, happy to see her on the Blue.

The new The Body record is good, too, although I hope 2018 will bring a new release by Hayter herself as well.
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My mind immediately lept to Diamanda Galas and perhaps I'm not far off. From an interview: "I have an obsession with vocalists, particularly those who use their voices to extreme and unexpected ends: Blixa Bargeld, Diamanda Galas, Klaus Nomi, Kathy Berberian, Joan la Barbara, Yma Sumac, Philippe Jaroussky, Andreas Scholl, Attila Csihar are just a few off the top of my head that have been really important to my development"
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ALL BITCHES DIE XTREMELY LTD TOUR EDITION CD........includes insert with hand-written thank you

seems to undercut the main message
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love this!
thank you!
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This dramatic LI cover of Inner Circle's Bad Boys, was IMHO among the most magnificent musical moments of 2017
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I am seriously speechless. This is astonishingly powerful music, and I'm very happy to see that, this time, I heard about the tour before it came to LA.
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This is at least as potent mixture of religion and evil as Zeal & Ardor's blend of old slave spirituals & black metal mix! Thank you very, very much for posting this.
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If I'd not known otherwise, I would've filed her album and its song titles under Parody. ("WOE TO ALL (ON THE DAY OF MY WRATH)"? I can imagine death metal bands tut-tutting, "Well, that's a bit OTT, isn't it?").

If Ms. Hayter wishes to proceed along these lines, I might suggest she retain good IP counsel to pre-emptively defend against trade dress and sound-alike claims filed by the aforementioned Ms. Galas.

tl;dr Your favorite noise crooner &c.
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I might suggest she retain good IP counsel to pre-emptively defend against trade dress and sound-alike claims filed by the aforementioned Ms. Galas.

… that would be ludicrous, since she her music (what I've heard so far, anyway) doesn't remotely sound like that of Galás.
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Whoooooaaaaaa, that is some shivers-up-and-down-the-spine stuff, isn't it? Wow. I find I have tears rolling down my cheeks, and I'm not entirely sure why.

Thanks for this post, SageLeVoid.
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On the contrary, having heard Galás perform her Plague Mass, what I did hear from Hayter (as well as her own claim to Galás as an influence) strongly suggests she has too.
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I like this! I can see the connections to Galas, but to my uneducated ears they sound quite different, if in the same genre.
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