The Waning Crescent
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“Despite being brought up as an atheist, I was always very aware of my family history as well as the history of Lipka Tatars. Following many discussions about rising nationalism and Islamophobia, I realised just how very few people are aware of the Muslim community peacefully settled in the heart of Europe for over 600 years. Knowing that Podlasie region is the only place within today’s Polish borders where Tatars not only lived for generations, but are still present today I decided to execute the project there. This was my first visit to the region,” says Korycki, who shot his project The Waning Crescent during the summer of 2017.
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Good on you for posting this.
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I am half Polish descent and found this interesting, something I had never heard of before. I hope these Polish Muslims continue to live in peace and acceptance from the rest of Poland, but we do have a very sad history with our treatment of Polish Jews. At least there were some who risked their lives to save their Jewish neighbors whom I can be proud of. My husband is Jewish, I am Catholic and we have a multi-cutural and multi-racial family.
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I did know about the Polish Tatar Muslims and really appreciated this article. Martha Stewart was on one of thos geneology shows and possibly has Tatar ancestry. Thank you for posting this!
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Martha who rode with the White Horde.

Now that is truly fit and meet.
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