Blood Over Intent
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I believe strongly in ritual, not for any mystical powers, but because connecting with symbols is a powerful way to influence how one's psyche processes the world around you. I don't do many of them, but I have zero problem with them. It's all sort of Jungian and whatnot.

The main ritual I've done on a regular basis is on New Years Eve I will take two pieces of paper and on one I will write all the things that I want to see leave my life in very plain, even angry writing and will burn that piece of paper. The other I will write what I want to see coming into my life, and I will take my time and create ornate writing and decorating all over the paper. Then it will take that out someplace end bury it like a seed in the ground.

It's a totally simple ritual, but I find it useful. Not magickal, just useful.
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I have an actual blood brother somewhere. We nicked our wrists and mingled our blood in high school. I have no idea where he is now. No punchline, sorry.
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I had to look to see if there was, and there was. Fiverr gig where $20 gets you the blood magic package.
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so they've reinvented the bodhisattva vow, only with more mess - western civ marches on
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I was intrigued until I got the part where it's all down to just some ranty middle-aged white guy on YouTube.
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See also: flat eartherism, conspiracy theories, etc.

Around 2010 I made a prediction that we would (continue to) see a rise in Internet-backlash primitivist spirituality, but of course, given the timeline, this is part of what is happening instead.

invest now! in this decentralized proof-of-blood mysticurrency!
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Where do I go to sign up for the IBO?
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"Quasiluminous is Satan, the one true Antichrist in the flesh," wrote Lauren Pavey, a mother of three from North Carolina and Florida, who posts extensively on YouTube about Blood Over Intent, in an email. "He is the cornerstone of Blood Over Intent because he alone was given the mythical spear of destiny to bring forth heaven on earth. No one may enter the house of god without him."
Behold, he has given us his shoe!
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I've no objection to the practice. (It strikes me as a lot less bizarre than most of the tenets and rituals associated with mainstream religions.)

But, the name is nuts. I read the article an hour ago, and just now figured out that the meaning isn't supposed to be "blood is more important than intent," which I translated to "your physical kinship is more important than than your intentions," which is both awful and entirely unrelated to the thing being discussed.

I'd have expected better branding from web-savvy flat Earthers.
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bloody fascinating!
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I had to look to see if there was, and there was. Fiverr gig where $20 gets you the blood magic package.

Man, if I’d have known back in the ‘90s that the future really would have cybermages for hire, just like in my tabletop games, I would have been way more excited than the circumstances turned out to warrant.
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That humans keep inventing and modifyfing and committing to -before our very eyes- various superstitions, rituals, beliefs and religions, should be a very strong argument (along side the persistent diversity of religious theologies) for their human and not supernatural origin and content. Alas the theologan Phineas Barnum had it right. Every minute.
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