How the U.S. Missed the Clues
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How the U.S. Missed the Clues Time magazine assessmeznt of what went wrong in evaluation of intelligence pre-9/11. I am not yet sure why I find the conclusions a bit evasive but it seems to me the article tries to satisfy differing perspectives rather than taking a stand for a specific point of view. But then that may be my reading and wrong headed.
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This article evades the tough question of presenting the pros and cons of policy alternatives for reform of intelligence agencies, immigration, and law enforcement, and as is typical for corporate media, disempowers the public by concluding that Washington is incapable of anything except partisan politics.

It's time for the corporations and their media outlets to reconsider their position and their attitudes towards politics and politicians. Unfortunately, they're unlikely to do it until the next airplanes hit.
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The more evidence showing clear negligence on the US Govt. and Intelligence services' part, the less anybody seems to care. Better 'hope' that those that failed have learnt there lesson because, judging by the response to this post, most seem happy to 'suffer fools gladly' when it comes to homeland security.
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Along these lines, don't miss the cover story from this week's Time: The Bombshell Memo. The memo from the Minneapolis FBI agent Coleen Rowley makes the FBI headquarters look like obstructionist weasels, straight out of Hollywood. She's a no-nonsense FBI veteran and mother of four, who first wrote to the bureau when she was in Grade Five. Unless Clarice Starling and Dana Scully are waiting in the wings, I don't think people looking for more answers could have a better champion. The thirteen-page memo is available here.
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The more evidence showing clear negligence on the US Govt. and Intelligence services' part, the less anybody seems to care.

Look at the bright side: if you get a job in Intelligence, you have total job security. Thousands of people can die on your watch and you won't get fired. And if anyone dares to question you, you just say "hindsight is 20/20!" and accuse them of playing politics. It's better than tenure![/sarcasm]
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Thanks for the link to the memo, Yogurt.

"2) As the Minneapolis agents' reasonable suspicions quickly ripened into probable cause, which, at the latest, occurred within days of Moussaoui's arrest when the French Intelligence Service confirmed his affiliations with radical fundamentalist Islamic groups and activities connected to Osama Bin Laden, they became desperate to search the computer lap top that had been taken from Moussaoui as well as conduct a more thorough search of his personal effects."

I guess that confirms this.
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Was there anyone that didn't know terrorists were training at American flight schools last summer?
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