inside a quiet mind
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Inside A Quiet Mind, a 1998 LP by a humble young Maori dude from Tokoroa, Denver McCarthy, under the name Micronism: "the best electronic album ever made in this country".
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Now this takes me back - I had no idea it had been rereleased. Thank you so much!
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Available on Google Play - just the thing for a post psychedelic Saturday morning - thanks for posting.
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It’s on Apple Music too. Looking forward to listening to this!
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You can also get it on bandcamp too. I might be wrong, but I'm fairly certain they take much less of a cut than Google or Apple.... plus they're DRM free & have flac files.
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Thanks for this - I'm a kiwi and have never heard of this album but am going to give it a "spin" sometime this week.
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Thanks for the trip down memory lane. This album was a staple for me when it came out. Always wondered what happened to Denver.
His Rise & Shine EP is also fantastic. Particle Shuffle is still one of my favourite songs to chill out to after a techno show.
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this is a nice album, good post

for some more good old kiwi electronica, try Pitch Black - Futureproof is their first album and it kicks ass, showing off a typically heavy dub influence.

Fat Freddy's Drop are also a good listen, though they're sometimes derided as 'barbeque reggae' - a standout track is Midnight Marauders, but I also like Dark Days (partly because i played some cello for it)
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More kiwi electronica from years gone by - I'm particularly partial to Burnt by Lava Lava
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