Handfull of Witch Dust, Pinch of Love, Hole of Donut.
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Would you like to meet the Witch Sisters? They are Little Witch Sister and Big Witch Sister. Big Witch Sister does a lot of fun things (sometimes with her pet warthog, Dr. Cheryl), but Little Witch Sister is often too small to join along, so she uses the magic of spelling ... with mixed results. There are six short episodes from Sesame Studios so far: Big, Cat, Box, Dog, Jet, and Bat; you can even view them all together in a 13+ minute official compilation.
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Kid Glove, James Proimos Conjure ‘Witch Sisters’ Shorts for Sesame Studios (Animation Magazine article on the creation of the shorts)

We came across these a while back, and I've been waiting to make a post once there were a few more episodes. Today seemed like a decent day to post something silly and fun, and positive in the face of failures.
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Awwww. cute!
posted by oddman at 1:59 PM on May 19, 2018

Adorbs! And so relatable, too! That kind of thing happens to me all the time.
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They give me an Amethyst and Pearl vibe.
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Inconsolably upbeat.
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I love them so much. Have two adorable little witch sisters at home. We want more!
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Enjoyed how they set up and then subverted expectations in "Bat" after watching the others. Extremely cute.
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