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circuits is a narrative-based Twine game that explores what it means to try and talk about sexual trauma. The story grapples with everything that can and cannot be said, whether these stories are told online, to the media, to health care professionals, or even in legal courts. The narrative above explores what it means to remember, witness, and talk about sexual trauma.
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Wow. I found that really emotionally difficult. Thanks for posting.
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Reading/playing this as a survivor lends an amount of depth that I desperately, desperately wish i could make other people understand. So desperate that if screaming myself raw would solve it I'd oblige

>spoilers // abuse tw
I managed to be on the "feet" story first. She's talking to Him on the phone about how her toes are bruised from frostbite. She didn't ask for a ride, she didn't know she was allowed. She calls his sympathy lukewarm. I remember these phone calls, text messages. One in particular was the same night that I'd been at his place, I always had to text when I got home. He asked me to send him a picture of me. I got undressed for bed. I brought up the blood I found from different parts of my body. I got no response. Her phone call was more than just her phone call.

The thing about being gaslight is, when it's thoroughly in effect, all of your information has to pass through that one person. That's kind of the point. It forces the broken system to be the only system. You know, deep down, that if your bucket starts getting full then there has to be a leak. He takes all the other buckets away, and hands you one with holes in it. You tell him this. "All of the buckets have holes", he replies. Your bucket is the only one you can see, you are unsure. Water falls from the ceiling, into your bucket. You tell him this. "Your bucket is empty". You look at the holes. All of the buckets have holes.
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