i've got stamina
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"Don't give up." From the vidder who brought us Starships (previously), a celebration.
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By the way, the original link to Starships was taken down; a working link can be found here.
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I love it! And bless Bironic for citing each character/source in the interlingua CC track. I've got a few television shows to investigate.
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LOVE LOVE LOVE, oh god, I watch far too much television, I've seen neary every fucking show or film on here. And basicay I am treating the rest as a suggested atching list! A. Dore. Fantastic match to the song as well, I love a good oldschool vidding. I am uplifted and gonna spread this.
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Wonderfully uplifting, thanks for posting.
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I like it! Good stuff and well-edited.
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Just realised this is the same person who made the delightful Ancillary Justice book trailer, previously on Metafilter.
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