Tig Notaro's New Show
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Can confirm. She is.
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She's headed to Star Trek as well...
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16th of May Fresh Air: Comic Tig Notaro Wants You To Know She's 'Happy To Be Here'

"2012 was a terrible year for comic Tig Notaro. She had pneumonia, a life threatening intestinal infection, breast cancer and a double mastectomy. She also split with her girlfriend — and her mother died unexpectedly.

But since then, things have taken a turn both professionally and personally."

Good interview.
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I saw the live show her special was based on, and now I'm curious how the Indigo Girls Schroedingers-Cat-And-Mouse bit played out at the various cities she went to on that tour...I'm not sure if it's just her playing with repeat audiences generally, or just the ones watching the special who also went to the shows, but either way it was a delightfully sneaky trick to pull off twice.
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Tig Notaro previously on Metafilter: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Indigo Girls!!
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I’m so irritated that “One Mississippi” seems to have been derailed due to Louis CK, even though I wasn’t sure where it could go for another season. I was definitely willing to find out. While I’m not conflicted about my distaste and disappointment for Louis CK, I was a big fan and saw him during his last tour, his influence brought wider attention to Notaro and I am relieved that she seems to have come out on top and has now the ability to be an influencer herself.

Notaro is a different kind of comedy, part of the genre and yet somehow wholly its own. I really can’t get enough of her and all the women who are finally getting their chance to really be in the light. So many people seem to be just fatigued by white, male norms.

On that note, I found myself involuntarily grinning like a fool at the Weinstein perp walk today. I’m sad nobody threw eggs but it was so great to see. It feels less like “the tide is turning” and more like “the water has risen.”
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Jennifer Aniston will play America's first female president in @Netflix's 'First Ladies,' with 'One Mississippi's' @TigNotaro starring as her wife.
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Hi @Jon Mitchell, I was there, the second night. We knew it was happening, because she's done it at other shows. And then we recorded the entire leadup twice as well. But it was fun, and funny, even though most of us knew what was going on the first time. I don't think anyone was so drunk that they didn't see it coming the second time.
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I love the rhythm/pattern of Tig Notaro's style. She kind of drones on, to the point where you're like "yeah, yeah, I get it!" and then just when you're lulled into thinking you aren't going to laugh, she busts out a little bit that's so funny, and even more funny than it otherwise would be, because you're on that edge of being bored/annoyed. At least, that's my experience of her comedy. It doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but she makes me laugh harder than almost any other comedian out there.

My all-time favorite bit of hers is her story that was on This American Life about Taylor Dayne (transcript). The thing that's so brilliant about the bit is that, while the Taylor Dayne stuff is funny, the part that makes me laugh until it's painful actually has nothing to do with Taylor Dayne. But it's placement in the overall bit, at this moment of anticipation, just makes it even funnier. She really understands pacing.

The Indigo Girls bit was like that for me. I was on the verge of annoyed by it and then so delighted.
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One of the best. The calmness and pauses in her act. I've loved her work since seeing her drag a chair across stage on a Conan segment.
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The new special is great. But she's wrong about one thing: "she meows to me, she meows" is indeed funny.
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Her objection that it isn't funny makes it even funnier to me.
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When I watched her Netflix special this last week, Notaro had me smiling ear-to-ear and laughing in delight and joy at the story she was telling. Like all good comedians, Notaro reframed an everyday situation in such a way that her self-awareness became both a celebration and an implicit critique, at least enough to cause her audience to reconsider their own feelings about the situaiton she was describing.

When I reflected she had me in stitches because of a cat story, that's when I realized Notaro is a great comedian.

As a side note, her Indigo Girls bit is a complicated and risky bit of performative sadism and its payoff is good in exact proportion to how much her manipulation (and what it reveals about her as a performer and her relationship to the audience) is also really, really disturbing.
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