IC3PEAK: wild dogs are afraid of me and fire, that's not a coincidence
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IC3PEAK are Nick Kostylev and "Nerdy" Nastya, who like to call themselves a couple of "audiovisual terrorists." Listeners are told to expect "noise or sugary glitch and resonant bass-lines, plus some vicious sawing noises" which has been likened to early Crystal Castles, Grimes, Die Antwoord, and Bjork. The Russian duo's first video, "Go With The Flow," addresses anti-gay laws in their home country. More videos: Make You Cry | Грустная Сука / Sad Bitch | This World Is Sick || more on SoundCloud and Bandcamp

More from Far From Moscow:
At the outset of a recent interview, Nastya spoke of her unique, rather plaintive vocal style as a similar response to restrictive habit. Hers is the voice of anxiety. "Using various techniques, I try to escape any traditional notions of [proper] 'female vocals.' Women don't have to sing beautifully; nor do they need to look beautiful. They might come across as severe and even hysterical: there's an element of truth in all those states." An admission of disorder in social settings - specifically in spoken communication - morphs into a way of living. Existence is improved through a process of rejection.
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That there's some nifty shit! Thanks!!
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This is so bad ass
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I feel like I can definitely see/hear the Die Antwoord influence.
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Her vocal style approaches Yolandi's at moments, and they're both groups who make music videos (not music that really stands on its own), and they both have a dark visual aesthetic – but I get a very different vibe from this than from Die Antwoord. DA tempers their darkness with lurid absurdity, thus turning it into comedy – IC3PEAK does not.

Interesting stuff – thanks.
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This is very good! I've been listening to the Sweet Life album and I really like the heavy use of dissonance with brief interludes of consonance - quite effective.
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