What it says on the tin, continue collecting cats
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Neko Atsume, a game where you collect cats (previously), has been released on the Playstation VR.

It's only available in Japan as of now, so if you can't play it, you can satisfy your kitty collecting cravings by watching an hour of gameplay or reliving some [of] [the] [previouslies].
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None of these videos seem to show the core of Neko Atsume: Tubbs absolutely wrecking a bowl of cat food.
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Oh my god OH MY GOD
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Also included in Android 7
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Even if I never get to play this thing myself (not a console gaming person), I'm very excited for the flood of screenshots of the 3D incarnations of all the Nekos in various poses, old and new. As well as getting to see some things that were merely implied in the mobile version, like how like the cat visits seem to always start off with a trip to the foodbowl first, accompanied by about 30 seconds of nibbling at it, or how there's now a dish for the kitties to leave their offerings of gold and silver fish in.

Also, they've given the nekos surprisingly life-like animations, especially when you whip out the wand type toys to play with them. Which may be my favorite part of the transition to VR. No longer do you just jam the end of the Wing-Thing Teaser's stick into the ground for a cat to come and bat at, now you can wave that thing around to attract them over for play. They'll swing a paw at it, track it with a watchful eye , and even rise up with both front paws off the ground to try and get it.

I'm just eager to see how much of the mobile game gets ported. As ckape mentioned above, I haven't seen Tubbs in any of the lets plays yet, or any of the other Rare Cats. I have seen the collected memento grid in one of the menus, so I can't help but wonder what the memento gifting process is going to be like. Will they have the house remodels, or the winter snow? Since this just came out, those questions are too soon to tell.
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Also I fear for this happening more than it should. My own kitties have already had to scold the household quite vocally merely for watching about a half hour of Neko Atsume VR lets play footage on Friday night when we could have been petting them instead, so I can just imagine the draw when you're actually in control.
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Yeah we had two actual live cats on the bed while we were watching not real definitely fake VR cats on my phone and the purring beside us seemed to get louder and louder but not in a good way. IYKWIM.
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I must go. My planet needs me.
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Woah that flat scene perspective in a VR game must be really interesting.
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This might explain why Hit-Point's traveling frog game is still not translated into English.

But all is forgiven, this is adorable!
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@radwolf76 and @seanmpuckett : i paid so much attention to my neko atsume cats that my boyfriend had to remind me we had a real one needing much petting. so VR is gonna be interesting.....
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I liked how in one of the vids, the player is waving around one of the teaser toys and the cat swipes at it a few times, then turns around and walks away. Or the other one just ignores it for like 20 seconds before finally getting up and... walking past it. Much verisimilitude. Though if I'm going to get RSI for being ignored when I wave around cat toys, I think my cat would prefer if I did it for him rather than virtual cats. Not that I have a console game player anyway.

Also: I learnt how to play Neko Atsume when it was all in Japanese, there was no English version. It's totally possible.
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