Because it's about time someone did.
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Great article about the best comic-themed deep dive podcast you weren't aware you needed to start listening to: Jay & Miles X-Plain The X-Men [previously], which posted its 200th episode today, featuring the most important X-Men author whose surname doesn't rhyme with Belmont*, Louise Simonson, and is hosted by Miles Stokes and Jay Edidin. Jay was's Comics Person of the Year 2017, in large part for their part in publishing an exposé on sexual harrasment at DC. * besides, he was featured in episode #100)
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Great podcast! (Although I admit I mostly stopped listening when they reached the point where I mostly stopped reading X-titles back in the day, i.e. at the end of the 80's / beginning of the 90's.)

I think my personal favorites are their analyses of Captain Britain comics while they were doing the background explanations for Excalibur.
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Oh, and also when they had Chris Claremont on and he mentioned that it's canon that Kitty Pryde is bi and he'd intended her to end up together with Rachel Summers.
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I almost missed the Daily Beast article in the first link because I thought this post was just about the episode 200 milestone. Don't make that mistake. Spencer Ackerman does a great job framing the podcast and giving some background on the hosts.
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Yeah, Ackerman's article is fantastic.

But if we're gonna mention the episode itself I'm inordinately proud that they used my question for its title.
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