Drowsy Maggie - Scottish Indian Punjabi Mix
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.. by The Snakecharmer. Easily the best thing I've heard this week. Great video too.
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Wow - what a great mixing pf musical styles. I particularly love the dancers.
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Celtic Life
Archy J – aka The Snake Charmer, as she is known on social media channels – is getting rave reviews for her piping skills, particularly her unique takes on popular music, including songs from the Gladiator and The Walking Dead soundtracks.

The daughter of a middle class family, the attractive 25-year-old was a well-known vocalist and an accomplished acoustic guitar player before the bagpipes captured her fancy. [...]

Recognition outside of her home country has been building steadily since her video version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck went viral, grabbing global attention, and inviting interviews by BBC Radio Scotland and The Express UK. [...]
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this is great!!
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I have heard it said that cultures on every inhabited continent, throughout history, have independendly developed and employed bagpipes.

And yet people still claim there is no such thing as original sin.

(This is actually very good. Pipe on!)
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Awesome. She's self-taught, too. I found her during the Star Wars frenzy last winter.
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This is terrific!
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I really like this. Thanks!
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Some men there are love not a gaping pig;
Some, that are mad if they behold a cat;
And others, when the bagpipe sings i' the nose,
Cannot contain their urine.
- Merchant of Venice, act IV, scene I.

Well, at least that explains the Scottish dancing.
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I thought this would be about some amazing exotic narcoleptic dog.
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Shedding steps on stone, ouch.

Does anyone know why it's became de rigeur for musicians to dance too? I mean, I understand it must take incredible skill to play like that. I can't even imagine how, e.g., Apocalyptica can bow, finger, and headbang at the same time. So I guess, if you've got it, flaunt it. But there's a part of me that wonders, "How much better would you be if you let yourself stand still?"
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this, and a randomly stumbled upon Tom Jones nugget have raised my spirits today.

Thank you.
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That was like listening to a skipping record. Drowsy Maggie is a two-part (occasionally three) reel. They just kept repeating the first part which was really odd. Here's how it's supposed to sound, and yes that's a 78rpm of Patsy Touhey because I'm kind of a jerk.
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They do get to the second part at 56 seconds in, misterpatrick. It might help if you think of it as sampling, rather than playing the tune itself.
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What struck me was the decorative... thing on the front of her bagpipe.. I thought it looked like a cat's head for a minute before I realized it was a dragon's head (or snake? but some extra creepy snake).
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This is some great stuff.
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Thank you thank you thank you! Scotland and India...two of my favorite places/cultures on the earth, and here they are together with some sick beats.

Running, not walking, off to donate to her Patreon.

(Ugh, was it necessary for that Celtic Life article pracowity linked to let us know that she is "attractive"??)
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