Something something babies and dogs
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Mood Elevator for the week ahead: babies laughing at dogs [CW: LAUGHTER, BARKING]
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At 1:30, the baby holding up a piece of paper to the dog who is doing everything in its power to just deal with it, I love it so much. I needed this. I'm having a rough week mentally and combined with a dear friend of mine who is watching her family fall a part and my not being able to do much for her except say that I'm here for her. I needed this so fucking much. Please, more. All the babies laughing and doggos being dogs.
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Around 1:15 in the first link, the bubble baby has the BEST laugh. It's like the platonic ideal of baby laugh.
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This is probably my favorite such film in this genre. I swear it might be a perpetual motion machine.
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What's funny/disturbing is that on video at least, baby laughs and baby cries are reaaally close to each other. You wonder how close the laugh reaction is to a fear reaction (like tickling, there definitely seems to be a connection).
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Yeah, I pretty much make those same sounds about dogs. And I'm verging on 5 decades rather than months.

Also, the baby in the basket on the washer laughing at the dog and then getting distracted by a shiny floating thing and then laughing at the dog some more. So me.
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What does laughter even -mean- man?
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Also, how do the dogs know not to eat the babies?
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I kind of feel like the babies' brains are confused because there is a "HEY PREDATOR THING WITH TEETH OH NO" plus "BUT IT IS DOING SILLY THING LIKE PEOPLE" and they just short-circuit.

Babies in general are in OMG WHAT mode at all times. It's both hilarious and concerning.

As for the dogs, I feel like with babies their brains are THIS IS PERSON BUT VERY STRANGE TINY PERSON WHO IS LOUD AND SHRILL BUT ALSO COVERED IN FOOD A LOT and they generally decide it's better to lick them/follow them around then run away from them.
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My brother in law performed some magic thing where he brought home one of my nieces outfits that she wore after she was born before mom and baby came home from the hospital. He introduced the baby's smell to the two 120 lb pitties and they were crazy protective of her until they passed.
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Dad makes funny noises.
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