Human, why are you looking at my insides? Why?
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VR interactions have the potential to be easier and more intuitive than with any other technology. Cat Explorer is a fun demo that points to the transformative potential of VR and natural interaction in fields as diverse as education, training, healthcare, and entertainment.
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I have no idea how these people got their cats wedged into their VR, or why.
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The cat following the hand is the best part. "What's that? Hey, my skin!"
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I'm glad my kitties don't do that when I pet them.
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Jeez, I don’t know what it says about me, but watching that made me feel terrible! Even as I was marveling at the technology and imagining awesome applications, I felt really, really sorry for that cat.

I have my empathy setting turned WAY too high, I guess.
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start with the crouton anatomy vr
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I feel like I was watching some unfinished CGI scene from The Cell.
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pop pop pop pop pop pop

I wish things in the real world made that noise as I moved my manipulators near them.
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The cat's facial expression is my favorite part of the whole thing.
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Wow. That's amazing. Very educational I'm sure but also a bit creepy. Was always glad to see kitty's skin back on.

My cats are in front of me behind the iPad with no possible way of knowing what I was watching but they still gave me a stare that made me feel like they'll slice me up if I don't quit with the virtual mistreatment of cartoon kitties,
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Mr. Feynman, the map of the cat you wanted is here...
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My cat said, "Can you FINALLY see my innards are empty? Now go twiddle that can opener, useless hooman."
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I would have never guessed that I'd have such a visceral negative reaction to something like this.

I love the idea of being able to really examine the biology of an animal in depth in this manner. I just don't want it portrayed as if it's a living individual in the process. The way it would move and look at the virtual hand was enough that it made me feel like this was somehow torturing it.

If I experienced this for the first time actually through VR goggles, I bet I'd have them ripped off ASAP.
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The demo is cool, but the hand tracking Leap Motion is absolutely amazing.
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Holy crap they're only $80 for a dev kit? TAKE MY MONEY!!
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I want a Damien Hirst snapchat filter.
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