Her, the band: We choose the way we'll be remembered
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On August 26, 2017, Victor Solf performed without his musical partner and the other half of Her, Simon Carpentier, at the Rock En Seine festival. Simon had tragically lost his battle with cancer a few weeks before. He was 27. “Simon told me I needed to perform at this festival and talk about Her,” remembers Solf. “Play the songs and sing the lyrics.” Their sound is a mash up of old and new, analogue and digital, classic and contemporary -- in 2015, they cite the soulful sounds of Ray Charles and BB king, the quick song-writing of Otis Reading and The Doors, alongside modern artists such as James Blake and Frank Ocean. Knowing their time was limited, they mapped out how they wanted their debut album to sound, and how the entire project would be presented to the world.

Her has two "tapes" or EPs and their debut album, all with the same stippled cover art of a naked woman, which are available in full as official YouTube playlists:

Tape #1 + Live

Tape #2 + Live

Her (debut self-titled album)

Her (the band) on Genius for a look at their lyrics
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I'm surprised that there isn't much love for this post. Her is pretty awesome. I'd never heard of them, so thank you.
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