Things sure catch on fire a lot in these films
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They Might Be Giants' classic medley Fingertips, as told by clips from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (contains spoilers)

Also for The Last Jedi (still more spoilers)

Also previously, with the previous Star Wars films.
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This was really just what I needed today. The "blue thing" part almost knocked me out of my chair.
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Alternate post title: On Second Thought, You Can Keep the Milk.
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I can't watch this yet, but I can only assume that "I don't understand you" is keyed to Poe Dameron talking smack about Kylo Ren's stupid voice changer mask.
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(and now I see the "previously" link, and feel stupid)
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I remember when TMBG had a dial-a-song service!
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I don't want the galaxy....I just want your half.
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TMBG still has Dial-A-Song. They lost the original phone number somehow but it's on that website and there's also a new number you can call.
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I saw the post, I thought, that's kind of dumb, I clicked the link, now dumb is the new GENIUS!
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The original trilogy one has some good clips, but also includes a bunch of clips from some other movies I haven't seen, maybe a different and inferior space-wizard trilogy? Not sure.
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Harry Potter too.
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Back in the day, I had Apollo 18 on cassette, so I always felt a bit cheated that I never got to enjoy the shuffle aspect of "Fingertips". Something reminded me of it recently, and I realized that with my modren all-music-on-demand subscription, I could finally enjoy Apollo 18 the way it was intended. It was a delight.
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Rabid child stays at home, builds droids on Tatooine...
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Also, this reminds me that I really love The Force Awakens.
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It also reminds me that I should really watch FTA and TLJ back to back. I liked both, but I think I'll appreciate them better watching them closer than a few years apart. Big Purr is a fan of TMBG, so I'm sure he'll get a kick out of these videos.
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Came for the "what's that blue thing, DOING HERE", was not disappoint
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When I was in high school a friend of mine knew a DJ at the local rock station. We went there on a Saturday night and he let us sit in with him. He said we could choose a song so we told him to play a certain track off the Apollo 18 CD. It was Fingertips.

We were falling out of our chairs watching him scramble to put an ordinary song on. I hope his boss didn't yell at him or anything.

Anyway, yeah I love this.
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There are more great pop songs in Fingertips than most bands have in their entire career.
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Here's the results, from long ago, of The Fingertips Project, a Flash animation made by a bunch of different people. The original version was an actual Flash animation (which would actually randomize aspects of itself on each play), but this is just a video recording.
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No, I'm sorry, I can't cope with "I'm having a heart attack".

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I'll take any excuse to link TMBG's Tiny Desk concert which features 100% A+ stellar versions of Can't Keep Johnny Down, Cloisonné, and Fingertips.
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