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Cameron Esposito has a new stand-up special about sexual assault from a survivor’s perspective available to stream for free on her site. Proceeds from donations benefit RAINN, the United States’ largest anti-sexual violence organization. (CW: sexual assault)

As of this posting, she's still looking for someone to donate closed caption service (but it looks like there are some takers).

In 2 days she has raised $20K so far, just through social media with no network promotions.
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I watched this yesterday and she's very funny. It's a good set and she keeps it all pretty light throughout. Well worth your time in my opinion.
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We watched (and donated) and it's great. A really interesting, sometimes hysterical, sometimes very touching rhythm that is just so totally unique to Esposito. Definitely worth checking out.
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Hey that just kept getting better and better. Great stuff, really built up over the course of the performance, absolutely wonderful.
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There's not a lot of comedy that makes me laugh about our current culture and political situation without to some degree reopening the wounds. For me, this special walked that line perfectly.
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Well, that was amazing. What a great birthday present.
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I'm so glad you all found it as enjoyable as I did. I'm an avid consumer of stand-up comedy and I didn't know if this was so amazing because of just my own experience with the form. Sometimes you know a thing is good because you've seen a lot of different types of it, but then you're not sure if it's objectively good without the context of the rest. This special walked that line, like Emmy Rae said, perfectly between laugh out loud funny and intensely emotional and tear-inducing.
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Wow, I knew I liked her, but I didn't know I liked her so much.
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Captions have been added!
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Watching this and then Hannah Gatsby's special on Netflix in the same week is something special. These are the voices I want to listen to.
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Okay, I'm confused: is the streaming video she has on the front page of her website the "Rape Jokes" set? Because after going through something like 30-40 minutes of that, that topic has just not come up at all and she's going on about injuring her knee and having to poop, etc. Or is the Rape Jokes set something you pay for before watching it and it's something entirely different?
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She eventually gets to the point, but she builds up to it.
posted by numaner at 7:00 PM on July 5, 2018

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